One conference per day, for one year (2017)

My self-assigned challenge for 2017 was to watch at least one conference per day, for one year. That's the first time I try this challenge. Let's dive in for a recap. 267 conferences In some way, I failed the challenge because I've been able to watch only 267 conferences. With an average of 34 minutes … Continue reading One conference per day, for one year (2017)

Reducing Code Size Using Outlining LLVM Developers Meeting: Maintaining a low code size overhead is important in computing domains where memory is a scarce resource. Outlining is an optimization which identifies similar regions of code and replaces them with calls to a function. This talk introduces a novel method of compressing code using an interprocedural outliner on LLVM MIR. … Continue reading Reducing Code Size Using Outlining

Improving Performance Through Compiler Switches… CppConf 2016: Much attention has been given to what modern optimizing compilers can do with your code, but little is ever said as to how to make the compiler invoke these optimizations. Of course, the answer is compiler switches! But which ones are needed to generate the best code? How many switches does it … Continue reading Improving Performance Through Compiler Switches…