From Rust to beyond: The C galaxy

This blog post is part of a series explaining how to send Rust beyond earth, into many different galaxies. Rust has visited: Prelude, The WebAssembly galaxy, The ASM.js galaxy, The C galaxy (this episode), The PHP galaxy, and The NodeJS galaxy. The galaxy we will explore today is the C galaxy. This post will explain … Continue reading From Rust to beyond: The C galaxy

Rust: Hack Without Fear! C++Now 2017: Through the concept of zero-cost abstractions, C++ has shown that it is possible to combine low-level control with high-level programming concepts. Rust is language that aims to offer the same sorts of zero-cost abstractions that C++ is capable of, while also enforcing memory safety and data-race freedom. The secret sauce is Rust's … Continue reading Rust: Hack Without Fear!

Improving Performance Through Compiler Switches… CppConf 2016: Much attention has been given to what modern optimizing compilers can do with your code, but little is ever said as to how to make the compiler invoke these optimizations. Of course, the answer is compiler switches! But which ones are needed to generate the best code? How many switches does it … Continue reading Improving Performance Through Compiler Switches…

Data-Oriented Design and C++ CppCon 2014: The transformation of data is the only purpose of any program. Common approaches in C++ which are antithetical to this goal will be presented in the context of a performance-critical domain (console game development). Additionally, limitations inherent in any C++ compiler and how that affects the practical use of the language when … Continue reading Data-Oriented Design and C++