One conference per day, for one year (2017)

My self-assigned challenge for 2017 was to watch at least one conference per day, for one year. That's the first time I try this challenge. Let's dive in for a recap. 267 conferences In some way, I failed the challenge because I've been able to watch only 267 conferences. With an average of 34 minutes … Continue reading One conference per day, for one year (2017)

Tagua VM, a safe PHP virtual machine PHPTour Nantes 2017 (in French): PHP est un langage extrêment populaire. En 2015, PHP était utilisé par plus de 80% de tous les sites Web. Cependant, 500 vulnérabilités sévères sont répertoriées. Bien qu'inhérent à tous langages populaires, cela reste très dangereux. L'objectif du projet Tagua VM est de fournir une VM PHP qui garantie … Continue reading Tagua VM, a safe PHP virtual machine

The Design Evolution of elm-css and elm-test Oslo Elm Day: I've been fortunate to participate in the design of two popular projects, elm-css and elm-test. In the course of iterating on their designs with collaborators and community members, I've learned a lot about what worked well and what didn't. This talk will dive into the design decisions that shaped the past, … Continue reading The Design Evolution of elm-css and elm-test

Rust: Hack Without Fear! C++Now 2017: Through the concept of zero-cost abstractions, C++ has shown that it is possible to combine low-level control with high-level programming concepts. Rust is language that aims to offer the same sorts of zero-cost abstractions that C++ is capable of, while also enforcing memory safety and data-race freedom. The secret sauce is Rust's … Continue reading Rust: Hack Without Fear!

Get Ready for the Future of CSS! CSSConf EU 2017: It’s time to start thinking about new and upcoming CSS features that will boost your workflow and give you more power and flexibility when building your projects. This talk covers the latest CSS features, including: color manipulation, custom properties, selectors level 4, and what's new in media queries. We’ll also have … Continue reading Get Ready for the Future of CSS!

Getting Reactive with CSS CSSConf EU 2017: As user interfaces evolve and become more interactive, design requirements become more complex. By combining CSS variables with reactive programming in JS, we can now express animations, styles, layout, and more in ways never before possible with CSS. In this talk, we’ll explore what functional reactive programming is, why it is … Continue reading Getting Reactive with CSS

Spreading the Rust Rust Fest: Today you’ve gotten inspired by the power of Rust, and seen it skillfully wielded by experts to do great things. This talk will wrap things up by outlining the next steps for bringing Rust to your favorite tech communities. We’ll cover the best resources for building expertise at Rust, for you or … Continue reading Spreading the Rust