Control the terminal, the right way

There are plenty of terminal emulators in the wild. Each one has a specific way to be controlled (colours, cursor, window…). In this article, we are going to explain and show in action the right ways to control your terminal with a portable and an easy to maintain API. We are going to talk about stat, tput, terminfo, Hoa\Console… but do not be afraid, it’s easy and fun!

Generate strings based on regular expressions

This article explains how to generate strings based on regular expressions. To make it possible, we will use the Hoa\Compiler and Hoa\Regex libraries. The goal is twofold: first it helps to analyze regular expressions, and second we see how to visit the produced AST in order to generate strings. A bonus waits the intrepids.

Rüsh Release

We, at Hoa, have defined a new release process called Rüsh Release, standing for Rolling Ünd ScHeduled Release. From the user point of view, it will allow to get rid off the “minimum-stability”: “dev” in composer.json files, while keeping the pros and flexibility of rolling release.