Bye bye Automattic, hello Wasmer

Today is my first day at Wasmer.

Wasmer’s logo. Build Once, Run Anywhere.
Universal Binaries powered by WebAssembly.

It’s with a lot of regrets that I leave Automattic. To be clear, I’m not leaving because something negative happened, I’m leaving because I’ve received the same job offer, 3 times in 10 days, from Wasmer, Google and Mozilla. Namely to work with Rust or C++ to build a WebAssembly runtime. This is an offer I can barely decline. It’s an opportunity and a dream for me. And I was lucky enough to get a choice between 3 excellent companies!

I can only encourage you to work with Automattic. It’s definitely the best company I’ve ever work with; stealing the 1st place to Mozilla. Automattic is not only about and other services: It’s a way of living. The culture, the spirit, the interactions between people, the mission, everything is exceptional. It has been a super great experience.

I could write 100 pages about my team. They have all been remarkable in many ways. I’m closer to them although they live at 10’000km, rather than colleagues I met everyday in person in the past. Congrats to Matt for this incredible project.

Now it’s time to work on Wasmer. It’s a WebAssembly runtime written in Rust: My two current passions. It’s powerful, modular, well-designed, and it comes with great ambitions. I’m really exciting. I work with an extraordinary team: Syrus Akbary (the author of Graphene, a GraphQL framework in Python), Lachlan Sneff (the author of Nebulet, a microkernel that implements a WebAssembly “usermode” that runs in Ring 0), Brandon Fish (a great contributor of Truffleruby, a high performance implementation of Ruby with GraalVM), Mackenzie Clark, and soon more.

My job will consist to work on the runtime of course, and also to integrate/embed the runtime into different languages, such as PHP —like I did with php-ext-wasm, more to come on this blog—. More secret projects coming. Let’s turn them into realities 🎉!

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