C++17 Features

C++Now 2017:

The feature set for the C++17 release is set, and the release of the standard is just around the corner. In this session, we’ll discuss all the new C++ features in C++17 and how they’ll change the way we write C++ software. We’ll explore the new standard in breadth, not width, covering a cornucopia of core language and library features and fixes, including:

  • Major Language Changes: structured bindings, if constexpr, constexpr lambdas, inline variables, folding expressions, template<auto>, constructor template argument deduction, guaranteed copy elision, noexcept as part of the type system, if (init; cond) and switch (init; cond), nested namespace declarations, single-parameter static_assert, __has_include
  • Major Library Changes: <filesystem>, <memory_resource>, string_view, optional<>, variant<>, any, parallel algorithms, aligned new, shared_mutex, math special functions, invoke/apply/is_callable<>, *_v* variable templates for type traits, conjunction<>/disjunction<>/negation<>.

View slides.

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