Getting Reactive with CSS CSSConf EU 2017: As user interfaces evolve and become more interactive, design requirements become more complex. By combining CSS variables with reactive programming in JS, we can now express animations, styles, layout, and more in ways never before possible with CSS. In this talk, we’ll explore what functional reactive programming is, why it is … Continue reading Getting Reactive with CSS

Spreading the Rust Rust Fest: Today you’ve gotten inspired by the power of Rust, and seen it skillfully wielded by experts to do great things. This talk will wrap things up by outlining the next steps for bringing Rust to your favorite tech communities. We’ll cover the best resources for building expertise at Rust, for you or … Continue reading Spreading the Rust

The Illustrated Adventure Survival Guide for New Rustaceans Rust Fest: Programming is an adventure, often more harrowing than it has to be. If you’re more used to higher-level languages like Ruby or JavaScript, learning Rust can feel like an impossible journey that leaves you wishing for a well-written and heavily illustrated field guide. Good news! I have already gone down this road … Continue reading The Illustrated Adventure Survival Guide for New Rustaceans

Partial Derivatives of Regular Expressions New York Haskell Meetup: Brian Hurt explains a different approach, with a number of advantages, to implementing regular expressions. Despite the title, no math is actually required- so if you don't remember calculus (or never took it), that's OK. A pragmatic understanding of regular expressions is assumed however. Slides at