Using Generics Effectively RustConf 2016: Traits and type parameters are the core mechanism for abstraction in Rust. Other languages also have features like these, but few leverage them nearly as much as Rust does. This talk will describe the many powerful uses for Rust's generics system, how generics can be used as a replacement for tools like … Continue reading Using Generics Effectively

RFC: In Order to Form a More Perfect `union` RustConf 2016: Users of Rust for systems programming rely heavily on its exceptional support for FFI. Many systems APIs involve unions, and macros and transmute produced unmaintainable solutions. 16 months, 3 RFCs, and a half-dozen possible syntaxes later, RFC1444 added union to the Rust language, ready for implementation. This talk will present unions as … Continue reading RFC: In Order to Form a More Perfect `union`