#include os: from bootloader to REST API with the new C++

CppCon 2016:

IncludeOS is a brand new open source library operating system that turns your modern C++ source code into a minimal, self contained virtual machine. No Linux inside, just your service and whatever your service needs from the operating system library. Creating the virtual machine is just as fast as compiling a binary and the resulting virtual machine image can run unchanged on Linux, Windows or Mac.

Early in the design process we made a hard choice; no C interfaces and no blocking POSIX calls. We’ve done everything from scratch with modern C++ 11/14 – Including device drivers and the complete network stack all the way through ethernet, IP and ARP, up to and including UDP, TCP and recently also an http / REST API framework. To achieve maximum efficiency we decided to do everything event based and async, so there’s plenty of opportunities to use lambdas and delegates.

In this talk you’ll get the first overview of our first feature-complete release and the first application built with IncludeOS. We’ll show you what we’re proud of and what we’d like your help to improve. And of course, we’ll show you how to write an application for IncludeOS, deploy it locally on your PC or in an IaaS cloud such as OpenStack, and then hook it up to the internet.

View slides.

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