Hello, World!

This is my first post of my first public and Computer Science-oriented blog. When I started Hoa few years ago, along with other projects, they all were mainly a pretext to learn about numerous domains of Computer Science. All the acquired knowledges have taken the form of libraries or programs, go hand in hand with detailed documentations and README. However, while I always like to write an introduction to my documentation chapters (examples with Hoa\Websocket or Hoa\Compiler), these are not the place where to write the making-of or the behind the scenes, i.e. all the implementation details and choices. Consequently, this blog will be Computer Science-oriented and especially technical-oriented.

Moreover, this blog will be a place where I can freely talk about the future of projects where I am involved. For instance, we are going to land a new special release system for Hoa and the official blog of Hoa is not the place where to make pre-announcements. Similarly, Hoa’s blog is still not the place where to talk about current works and advancements. Consequently, this blog will fill those needs.

To conclude:

echo 'Hello world!';

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